Goodbye Dear Friends.

Over 12 years ago a group of residents from Tweed Ontario got together and decided that they wanted to bring Tourism back to Tweed and the Tweed Tribute to Elvis Festival was established. In 2022 we celebrated our 10th annual Tweed Elvis Festival and over the years we have brought Elvis Tribute Artists (ETA’s) and audience members to Tweed from all over Canada, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Brazil and New Zealand. The Tweed Elvis Festival did truly become an internationally recognized Ultimate Preliminary Contest.

But all good things must come to an end and we are sorry to announce that this wonderful and exciting festival is not moving forward. We celebrated a successful 10th anniversary in August 2022 and are going out with a bang.

We want to thank all our supporters over the years… our Elvis Fans, our ETA’s, our Sponsors, Tweed residents and local businesses, our Volunteers who worked tirelessly over the years, our Provincial Government Funding programs.

Best of luck to our sister festivals who will continue to bring Elvis into your lives but don’t ever forget… Elvis lives in Tweed!